How to Find Out if There is a Warrant for Your Arrest

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If you think that there might be a warrant out for your arrest, then it’s something you should deal with right away. If you ignore it and hope for the best, you risk finding yourself in the backseat of a police car sooner or later – and by then, it becomes a very costly and embarrassing affair!

You might not realize that there may be warrants for your arrest for simple reasons. Have you forgotten to pay for some parking tickets you received? Something as minor as a clerical courthouse error or missed court appearance might be the reason. The authorities may even be looking for you because you are a suspect in a crime.

And when they have arrested you after you have ignored any warrants, you might have to pay a steep price. There are ways to find out if there is a warrant to arrest you.

You might start by simply asking a police officer.

This is probably the easiest way to determine if a warrant is out for your arrest. Very quickly and at no cost to you, they can check their databases and see what your status is. But if there is a warrant against you and you are arrested right then and there, there will be a cost for you to pay. So you really shouldn’t ask a police officer if you think there is a chance you could be arrested on the spot.

Take a trip to your local courthouse.

You can do a free search for arrest warrants in your local court records office or any courthouse in any area. Some authorities publish their databases online, which makes things a lot easier for you, but you may have to go and visit others. In general, they only keep their own records.

Go to the courthouse if you have reason to believe a warrant is out for your arrest, making sure it is the court relevant to the crime you may have committed. Unless the crime is severe, you will be able to find out if you have been issued with any warrants but have not been arrested on the spot. But this approach is not as practical if the warrant was issued elsewhere.

There are also online services that allow you to check your records.

These websites let you see if you have any outstanding warrants against you anywhere in the US. It is now easy and affordable to check all the public databases available. You need not fear that using these sites will be arrested because they are all completely confidential.

It is not a good idea to ignore the possibility of a warrant as the fines and costs could build substantially if they are out looking for you. For peace of mind, find out immediately if there is a warrant to arrest you.

Free Arrest Warrant Check

A free arrest warrant check is easy to run if you know what to do and is an excellent way to check outstanding warrants or arrest records on anyone. A free arrest warrant check can often be done online using only your computer. Here’s how to run your free arrest warrant check.

I was talking to someone recently about the importance of regular background checks to ensure that you don’t have any arrest warrants and that your records are correct. I was shocked and amazed by what this person told me.

You want to begin by checking law enforcement websites. You can often search free arrest warrants by a person’s name on local police and sheriff’s departments’ websites. This is easy and is considered a public service in many states.

You may also check public record websites. These sites are another helpful way to search for free arrest warrants. They provide accurate and extensive records and can usually be used to find basic arrest warrant information free without checking many other resources.

Some courts have an online system. Active warrants would show. The best way to check is to contact the dispatch center in your county and state and let them study.

Warrant or Public Records Sites

Check warrant or public records websites. Many warrant search and public record websites allow you to perform a free arrest warrant check. These sites offer basic warrant information that is more than adequate for most people free of charge, so they are worth a second to check out.

After this conversation, I was worried, and you should be too. I wanted to find out who and where the criminals were so I could take steps to protect myself. A public records website can find a lot of background information about someone online.

Depending on your local agencies, you can access their warrant information online. Some offer it; some don’t; it varies.

This is a check for active warrants in that area. Just do a search for something along the lines of “warrant check” with whatever area you live in, and see if it’s available.

If you are checking for yourself, you must appear in PERSON at the county courthouse where the warrant was issued/valid. Because of the Patriot Act and HIPPA laws, you will not be able to check on a warrant for anyone else.

A bench warrant is a variant of an arrest warrant, which authorizes the immediate on-sight arrest of the individual subject to the bench warrant. Typically, judges issue bench warrants for persons deemed to be in contempt of court. Bench warrants are issued in either criminal or civil court proceedings.

GovRegistry is one service for doing background checks and for warrant searches. It’s not free, though. They charge you a small amount to become a member, but then you can do all kinds of searches for free…

There are other services, but as far as I can tell, GovRegistry has the most extensive database, with over 1 billion records. Their site is speedy, and I’ve always found what I was looking for there.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore it if you think there could be a warrant for your arrest – if you first get arrested. You’ll have to deal with being in jail, going to court, and paying bail (if the judge allows it), not to mention the embarrassment of being arrested in public.

Additional Free Warrant Search Resources

As a citizen, it’s your right to access issued arrest warrants, be they yours or someone else’s. This is an advantage because it allows you to check the legitimacy of an arrest warrant issued on your or someone else’s behalf. There are quite a few ways to obtain information on issued arrest warrants. You could go to your local sheriff’s office or local courthouse. However, this process can take up to several weeks, and you risk getting arrested if an arrest warrant is issued on your behalf. However, it is unlikely that you will be charged in a courthouse. Still, this process can be long and stressful, which is why there are other ways of arresting warrants. Should a person have an immediate need for an arrest warrant search with valid results, a variety of sites offer a free arrest warrant search. Still, these sites may not provide all the information you require.

Free Arrest Warrant Search –
Enter a first and last name and search to see who has an arrest warrant or any other criminal record. To start a free arrest warrant search, visit our arrest warrant blog at the bottom of the page and send us the full name of the person in question and their state of residence. Check My Arrest Warrants

Warrant Search: Check Official Arrest, Bench, and Fugitive Warrants For Free.
Depending on the type of warrant issued, just about anyone can look up a warrant for free using the local courts or the local police or sheriff’s department warrant databases. Checking warrants for free will depend on the local jurisdiction and the state and how they display their active warrant information online.

Warrant Search | Washington State Department of Corrections
Please call 911 with information about wanted individuals. Contact the DOC by calling (866) 359-1939 or submitting a tip. You may browse the list below, or search by the first name, last name, DOC number, crime, or county. Click on any result to see more detailed information. Please be aware that photos, if available, are included in the results.

Warrant Search |
Search a local law enforcement’s official website The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) maintains arrest information, warrants, and other data about US residents. Individuals can request their identity history summary (rap sheet) from the FBI through three methods.

Warrant Search | Online Warrant Search | GoLookUp
1- Felony Warrant – Reno County Ks Sheriff’s Department 2- Driving While Revoked 3- No Valid Plates Ashley N Lumley Age 31 Gender Female Possible Charges 1) Felony Johnson County, Ks Warrant 2) 2Nd Degree Tampering Of A Motor Vehicle Steven J Hawkins Age 28 Gender Male Possible Charges Cass County Warrant – Tandem Axle Weight Cale W Hitt Age 24

Warrant Search | Outstanding County Arrest Warrants
Fill out the form above, and within less than 30 seconds, your search will be over, and facts will show on your screen. Warrant Records May Include Offender Details & Mug Shots Distinguishing Bodily Marks, Previous Warrants & Arrests; Current Outstanding Warrants Warrants Descriptions, Incarceration Records, Case Numbers & Court Details

Free Tennessee Warrant Search | Enter A Name To View Warrants Online
Yes, since Tennessee warrants are public records, anyone can perform a Tennessee warrant search anonymously online via the Freedom of Information Act. Many public record websites, such as, offer this free Tennessee warrant search that is anonymous and confidential.

Utah Statewide Warrants Search
Search for Warrants. NOTE: The Utah Statewide Warrants file (SWW) is designed to provide information on individuals wanted in Utah. The warrant information comes from courts that send data to the Utah Criminal Justice Information System (UCJIS) via electronic transfer.

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