My Texas Bail Bonds are over. Now What?

I had to have a bondsman post my  for my Texas Bail Bonds. I know what I’m supposed to do as far as my court case is concerned but how do I get my money back from the bail bondsman?

Well first off , unless you put up some cash collateral, you’re not entitled to any cash back. The bondsman charged you a fee. In Colorado that fee can be as much as 15%. So let’s say your bail bond was $1,000 and you gave the bail bondsman $150.00. That would be 15% of the Texas Bail Bonds and is only returnable if ordered by the judge.

There are a couple of reasons why a judge may order a refund of the premium. One being that you were arrested by mistake. Another reason might be that the criminal charges filed against you were dropped. These are possible, but not automatic, reasons for which you might get your premium back. It’s up to the court to decide what is fair to all parties. Remember that the bail agent did his or her job by procuring your release. Whether you’re innocent or not is of no matter.

There is still good cause to contact the bail bondsman after your case is closed.

  • The bondsman would appreciate knowing that the case is over so he or she can reduce their liability.
  • You need to get any paperwork back that you or your indemnitor signed.
  • If you did give the bail bondsman any collateral you’ll want to get that back also.

When your Texas Bail Bonds are released by the court what will you need when you contact the bondsman? You’ll need something official from the court stating that the case is over and the bond has been released. Have the court clerk stamp it with the court seal.

Bail Bonds Vs Cash Bond

There is a space on the court’s bail bond form that asks your permission to use the money for court cost and fines if any.

When you go through a bail bondsman, again, it is imperative that you read any forms that you sign and if necessary ask the bondsman to explain anything that you do not understand.

The bondsman will charge you a fee that is earned once the bond is posted. You will not get that back once the case has run its course.

If you give the bondsman collateral of any type that collateral will be returned to you once the case is one and the bond released by the court.

You must present an official court release to the bondsman in order to get your collateral back. The collateral can be returned to the person whose name is on the Collateral Receipt.

This is just one reason why it’s much wiser to use the services of an expert bail bondsman.

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