When it comes to pretrial release services, nothing matters to you more than efficiency. When you work with a licensed professional, this means that you get fast results with no mistakes and no surprises. That’s why efficiency is our number one core value.

In most cases, there is a presumption in the law that using a bail bondsman is in the best interest of both the defendant and society, with some exceptions including rare drug trafficking and firearms cases. After considering the case, the judge has the power to release defendants in one of a few different ways. The judge can release someone on their own recognizance or into the custody of a person or agency. The judge can also decide to release someone upon receipt of a cash deposit (percentage of the total cost) or if the entire amount of the bond is posted.

In some jurisdictions, the judge will consult a PSA (Public Safety Assessment) report before determining the bond. Typically, the judge sets the initial amount and type in only a few minutes. After release, the defendant may have to comply with certain state-imposed conditions, like electronic monitoring.