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Denver Bail Bonds – When a friend or family member has been arrested, you want them released from custody as soon as possible. If you need to post bail to secure the release of someone being held in the Denver City and County Jail in Denver Colorado, Relax… we understand.

We specialize in all types of Bail Bonds Denver County Colorado services involving domestic violence, DUI, felony, juvenile, misdemeanor and traffic.We also handle outstanding warrants.

Denver Bail Bonds Team Members are here to help you get through this stressful and difficult time. Our concern is for you, as well as the defendant, and we will handle your case with respect and discretion. Denver Bail Bonds is a vital part of the justice system. In very simple terms, a bail bond is a contractual undertaking guaranteed by a bail bondsman licensed by the State of Colorado.

If someone you care about is being detained in Denver City and County Court or jail and needs a bail bond for his or her release, we can help. The Denver Court handles a wide variety of bailable violations and Bail Bonds    provides bail bonds for them.

Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds

Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds, an experienced Denver bondsman, has been bailing individuals out of jail for many years. Owned and operated by the ‘Red’ who has been in the bail bonding industry for decades, the company has been in the Bail Bond Row on Delaware St. since 1989. As a results-driven bonds agency, the company specializes in car bonds. Also, 95 % of the bonds the company writes are with no collateral. All of their agents are serving all courts in Colorado and the United States. To learn more about the company, visit their website or call 303-623-2245.

Bail City Bail Bonds

Bail City Bail Bonds keep things simple and consider all size of bonds large or small. The company’s goal is to provide each and every client with the respect and personal attention they deserve. Bail City Bail Bonds have a proud history of commitment in quality bail bonds services. The company strives to be your bail agency of choice not only for today but tomorrow and for years to come. To learn more about the company, visit their website or call 303-573-1114.

PDQ Bail Bonds

PDG Bail Bonds, a bail bond service provider in Denver Metro, has been serving the complete metro and the surrounding areas including the mountain towns. With their fast and courteous service, the company specializes in bail bonds and car impounds bonds. Clients with an outstanding warrant can approach the company and have a walk through bail bond; guaranteed in less than 90 minutes. The company makes sure that they will do their best to make their client stress free as possible. For more information about PDQ Bail Bonds, visit their website or call 303-997-1478.

Sunshine Bail Bonds

Sunshine Bail Bonds upholds its commitment to serving the bail bond needs throughout the State of Colorado. The company offers their clients a trustworthy service and ready to post bail for their clients in every court in every county throughout the state of Colorado. Whether during the day or the middle of the night, Sunshine Bail Bonds is ready and willing to drive and meet defendants or co-signers to negotiate their bail. If an attorney has already been contacted, they will deliver the client to that office for legal advice and retention. The company is minutes from jails in all counties throughout Colorado. The company accepts collect calls, all major credit cards and 10% premium on bonds $5,000 or larger. For more information, visit their website or call 303-702-0071.

Our Team Members make the process of posting Bail Bonds at the Denver City Jail quite simple.

  • The bondsman sets a time to meet with his clients so that he can complete his paperwork with the individuals who are guaranteeing the bond.
  • Your Denver Bail Bonds Team Member then lets the jail know why he’s there. The jail will type up the bond(s) and your bail bond agent will complete the paperwork and start the release process.
  • The Denver Detention Center charges a filing fee of $50 per bond that has to be paid before the bail bonds process can begin.
  • The role of your Denver Bail Bonds agent is to speed up the process and make things more convenient for both the defendant and the co-signer by cutting through all the red tape.
  • In lieu of the friend or family member has to come up with the cash amount of the bond, the agent will pledge the money to the court for a fee.
  • The agent will verify bonding information and ensure that the paperwork is done correctly.
  • Your Denver Bail Bonds Team Member will explain all procedures and answer any questions you have, so that you feel comfortable and informed throughout the entire process.

To speed up the process for release, your Denver Bail Bonds agent will ask you to provide the following information about the defendant:

Full legal name
Date of birth (if known)
Jail Involved
Your name & phone number
Call us, right now… (303) 799-7965.

Leave the rest to us.. it’s that easy!

Denver Detention Center

490 W. Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO  80204

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