Public Arrest Records- Tips on how to find Reliable Records

Arrest warrants are issued by the court and authorize a person’s arrest. In the United States, they must be accompanied by evidence of probable cause that a crime has been committed. If you or a loved one has a past or present warrant, you’ll probably want to access the information in order to plan your next move. If you suspect that you have, or you know you have been issued a one, you’ll be comforted to know that they are public information and that you are entitled to a free check. It’s also wise to seek the counsel of a lawyer as soon as possible.

You can often perform a free check online at the court’s website. Most court websites show all active information online and are easy to access. Not all courts have websites or updated sites, but you still have the right to get a free check. In this case, you can contact your local county or state dispatch center, and they will provide all the information you need.

Let me share with you some facts on obtaining records for public arrest before you jump in head first. There are a few things to consider when looking for public arrest records:

  1. If you cannot find a record right away, there may be unseen factors purposefully interfering with your search. (Rap sheets, juvenile records, witness protection, etc.)
  2. Beware of the free sites. They often have fragmented information and will leave out vital details. Why does it matter that the record shows public intoxication five years ago but conveniently left out the constant DWIs?
  3. The best way to know for sure about a potential candidate for employment is to be your detective.
  4. Do your research and find the absolute best site that will fit your needs.
  5. Do not underestimate the power of the phone call. Ring up the local county courthouse and check out how easy might be to search through their records.

There are factors to consider when diligently searching for public arrest records.

Pedophiles are openly documented and very public. No one wants them hiding out anywhere and for a good reason. They molested children!

Do not waste your time looking into juveniles’ pasts. Their records are guarded tighter than Fort Knox, and they are expunged the moment they turn 18.

If an employment candidate seems too good to be true, they might be. Knowledge is power. Obtaining a record of public arrest on an individual is usually relatively easy and holds much information that may help you avoid a very undesirable situation.

Free Outstanding Warrant Search

A free outstanding warrant search is an excellent service that most states now provide its residents. The search allows you to search and see if someone has an outstanding warrant that is filed with the court. You enter the person’s name that you wish to investigate and the web site will tell you whether or not the person has an outstanding warrant filed against them.

Protecting yourself and your family is very important because you never know who might have an outstanding warrant. The government passed a law called the Freedom of Information Act which made the government divulge information related to public safety to the public. It is essential for the government to protect its citizens from people that might be dangerous.

It is essential to know if people have outstanding warrants filed against them. For instance, when doing a background check on a baby sitter or nanny, you need to know who will be watching your children. You can check out the person who applied for the position by visiting a web site that does a free outstanding warrant search.

If while using a free outstanding warrant service you discover that someone has an outstanding warrant out against them, please do not alert the person in question. People who have avoided correcting their outstanding warrants do not want to be turned in to the proper authorities. This creates a hazardous situation.

You need to contact the proper authorities in your state and keep the person in question away from your family because they are criminals and can pose serious physical harm to you and your other family members. You should not tell other people outside of your family because if the person finds out that they are going to be turned in to law enforcement officers, then they are likely to bolt or disappear and leave the state which is not a good thing.

Law enforcement officers need the help of the public to locate those people who have outstanding warrants filed. Never try to apprehend a person who has an outstanding warrant filed against them.

Hopefully, these tips about using a free outstanding warrant search will help you keep yourself and your family safe.

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