How to beat a bail jumping charge

Bail Jumping and “Failure to Appear” Bail jumping is a criminal violation with criminal and civil penalties, including additional jail time and the loss of assets used to post bail. Depending on the initial offense, it is either a misdemeanor or a felony. Failure to appear in court on a stipulated court date in a … Read more

How does a federal bail bond work?

When charged with a felony in Texas state court, it is customary to obtain your release pending trial by posting bail. This approach allows you to pay a specific sum of money to the court, which is retained for the duration of your case. If you fail to attend court or fail to appear at … Read more

How much is bail for DWI in Texas

If you are charged in Texas for DWI, you may be freed from jail before your trial through a process called bail. In exchange for completing the judge’s requirements, you may be freed with a guarantee to the court that you will return for your upcoming court sessions. In reality, the Constitution provides you the … Read more

How Bail Bonds Work in Texas

If a friend or family member has been arrested, your first and primary concern is getting them out as quickly as possible.  A firm understanding of how bail bonds work in Texas can help you secure their release by providing you with the facts on how to appropriately interact with the system. A bail bond … Read more

My Texas Bail Bonds are over. Now What?

I had to have a bondsman post my  for my Texas Bail Bonds. I know what I’m supposed to do as far as my court case is concerned but how do I get my money back from the bail bondsman? Well first off , unless you put up some cash collateral, you’re not entitled to any cash … Read more

Bail Bond vs Cash Bond

A lady called me the other day and wanted me to give her an explanation of a Bail Bond Vs Cash Bond with the court. She said that she had posted a bail bond agent for a friend and when the bond was over the court had taken fines and court cost from her cash. … Read more

When You Can’t Find Your Bondsman

Can’t Locate Your Bondsman? You need to get your bondsman to sign a “Consent of Surety” form but you can’t locate him or her. You need to get collateral back but you can’t find your bondsman. You need a “Consent to Travel” form for the court but you can’t find your bondsman. You just want … Read more

How to Find Out if There is a Warrant for Your Arrest

Free Warrant Search If you think that there might be a warrant out for your arrest, then it’s something you should deal with right away. If you ignore it and hope for the best, you risk finding yourself in the backseat of a police car sooner or later – and by then, it becomes a … Read more

So, what exactly does a bounty hunter do?

When an individual is charged with a crime, they are held until trial or released on a bond or surety that is supposed to keep them from skipping out. The bail is sometimes cash or property that is given up so that the individual shows up. Sometimes the individual doesn’t have the money or doesn’t … Read more

Has Realignment Led to Increased Violence in CA Prisons?

In 2011 the federal government ordered California to reduce their prison overcrowding. The motivation was to improve the types of medical and mental health treatments for inmates. In order to meet this court ordered mandate California Gov. Jerry Brown instituted a program called realignment. Under this program lower-level offenders were sentenced to county jails instead … Read more