Public Arrest Records- Tips on how to find Reliable Records

Arrest warrants are issued by the court and authorize a person’s arrest. In the United States, they must be accompanied by evidence of probable cause that a crime has been committed. If you or a loved one has a past or present warrant, you’ll probably want to access the information in order to plan your … Read more

Do Alerts By Certified Drug-Sniffing Dogs Establish Probable Cause For A Search?

In taking a case challenging the Florida Supreme Court’s decision holding that a certified drug-sniffing dog’s alert was insufficient to establish probable cause for police to search a defendant’s car, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide if the Florida high court ignored established precedent. The petitioner in the matter, the Attorney General of Florida, argues … Read more

Former FBI Agent Missing in Iran

In a true-to-life drama reminiscent of a spy novel, Robert Levinson, a father of seven and a retired FBI agent disappeared in Iran over six years ago while on a covert mission for the CIA. The CIA initially insisted that they did not have a relationship with Levinson and that Levinson did not go to … Read more

Modesto Bail Bondsman Arrested on Murder, Solicitation Charges

A bail agent operating out of Modesto was arrested this week on charges of soliciting gang members he met in prison to carry out a variety of felonies in addition to facing a charge of murder in the disappearance of a local man. Praveen Singh, who worked as an agent at Singh’s Bail Bonds in … Read more

Overcrowded and Underfunded: Justice System Changes Proposed

Anyone who follows politics knows that there is an overcrowding issue in U.S. prisons. Federal prisons operate at 40% above capacity with over 200,000 inmates on their rosters. Nine to ten million inmates go through local prisons every year. Many of these inmates have substance abuse disorders that attribute to almost half of the sentences … Read more

Bail Revoked for William Beavers

Cook County Commissioner William Beavers, 78, grew up in Chicago. He went to the city’s public schools and went to a college downtown. He guarded the streets of the Windy City for two decades as a police officer before becoming the 7th ward Alderman. His biography is a clear record of his dedication to the … Read more

Converting Prisons

Recent research indicates that the number of elderly prisoners is at an all-time high. This means that incarceration facilities are being forced to play the role of hospices and care homes since they must provide end-of-life care to elderly inmates. According to the research, the number of inmates who are over 60 years old has … Read more

Juvenile Justice Reform

In the past few years, a notable number of local and state jurisdictions have been taking deliberate actions to reform their existing juvenile justice systems. Juvenile justice reform has mainly been characterized by efforts to reduce the application of juvenile detention. Besides this, there have been calls to focus on ethnic and racial disparities that … Read more