Transfer Bonds and How They Work

Bail Bondsmen are committed to helping everyone understand every possible scenario that could play out when someone is arrested. If you happen to run into a situation where someone is arrested in a state that they do not frequent or reside in, it is most likely time to file for a transfer bond. If this is the case, the following information will help you not only understand what these are and how they work, it will also help alleviate any concerns and help get that person out of jail and back home safely.

If a friend or relative of yours is arrested somewhere in New York and you are in California, you are probably worried and confused as to what you can do to help bail them out without physically being there. Fortunately, we have a number of professionals who can help walk you through this process from start to finish. We will do everything we can to help take all of that stress and worry away by handling as much as we can for you.

The first thing that will happen is that you will fill out all of the required paperwork with one of our specialists. While at the office, we will discuss collateral and how it works. Collateral is necessary with all types of transfer bonds. Let’s say that the person who has been arrested is being held on a $10,000 bond. We may ask for half of that in collateral to ensure that we can secure the bond and make sure that the arrested person shows up for all court dates and hearings. We may ask you to sign the title to your car over to us if you own it, or we may ask you to sign a mortgage agreement that gives us the authority to put a lien against your home. Do not panic as collateral is only collected if the person we bailed out decides to skip court dates and hearings. This is simply a way for us to ensure that the money we put up to the cover the bond is not lost. When someone does not go to court, we as an agency have to forfeit the entire bond amount, so collateral is necessary.

After we discuss the terms we will have you fill out the paperwork and then pay for the bond. We will then contact a bondsman in New York and they will go to where the arrested person is being held. That professional will then post the bond and get your friend or loved one released. Once released, you will have to come back to our office and fill out that portion of the paperwork. In some rare cases, the person who is being detained may not be able to leave the jurisdiction where they were arrested. Do not panic as we can work with that too! We can easily fax or email the appropriate forms to help them get out quickly.

Please note that the above content is just an example of how this would work between two different states. Transfer bonds can be used in the majority of the states within the continental United States, not just New York, and Texas.

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