Types of Criminal Offenses

If you are being investigated or arrested for any criminal offense, you will be in need of a bail bond and a jail release lawyer. Choosing a criminal defense lawyer can determine the outcome of your case. Although it may be a stressful time, you need a lawyer that can handle your case. For more than 30 years, the jail release lawyer has been working to protect the rights of many people. A lawyer is dedicated to helping you defend your personal rights. He is available at any time and understands the need for personal attention to every case.

The jail release team understands the value of protecting your rights. Attorney has handled cases in both the State and Federal courts, so he can handle any criminal defense case with the utmost consideration for your needs. If you, a family member, or a friend find yourself in a situation where you need jail release, help with your DWI, or assistance with any felony charge, we can help. We will respond to your call quickly and efficiently, and make sure you are up to date with any news of your case.

Pulled Over for DWI

Driving while intoxicated or DWI can be a very traumatizing experience. You need to know what you are up against when you arrested for a DWI. Every state has its own legal limit of intoxication. The legal limit in Texas is .08% BAC. BAC is your Blood Alcohol Concentration which is the amount of alcohol that you have in your system compared to the blood that’s in your system. An officer can pull you over and arrest or cite you for driving while being impaired no matter what your BAC is. Texas also has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking and driving. They will arrest you and take you to jail if you are underage with any amount of alcohol in your system.

When you get pulled over, the officer will probably ask you to take some sort of field sobriety test. You do have the option to say no, but if you do they will immediately take you to jail and suspend your license for up to 180 days. If you comply with the officer, it will help your case when it eventually comes before a judge and they see that you were very willing and compliant with everything that the officer asked you to do. If this is your first DWI and, other than this, have had a clean record, then the judge will probably go easier on you because you are a first time offender.

Occupational Driver’s License

When you are charged with DWI or DUI, there are many portions of the situation that you need to make sure to take care of. When you are arrested for a DUI or DWI, the arresting officer will usually give you some type of breathalyzer to check your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). By doing this, they will be able to tell if you are over the legal limit in Austin, Texas. If you are over the legal limit of .08, they will either suspend or completely withdraw your license depending on your past DWI history. If you have a past history of DWI, then the officer and the court will most likely revoke your license for a certain period of time. Having your license taken away while you are waiting for your trial date can be miserable because it will leave you unable to earn money for your family.

Once your Austin jail release lawyer has helped you out of jail, you need to go and speak with the judge about your occupational driver’s license. An occupational driver’s license is a license that the state can issue you so that you will be able to get yourself to and from work. This ensures that you will still be able to provide for yourself and your family. This type of license will only allow you to take yourself to and from work. If you are caught going anywhere other than work, your occupational license will be taken away and you will not be allowed to drive at all.

Intoxication Manslaughter

Drinking and driving can be one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make in your life. In a matter of seconds, you can change your entire life just by one choice. If you are driving while intoxicated and you get in an accident, you could seriously hurt the person who was in the other car. If you are not careful, you might just get into a wreck and even kill the person in the other car.

Intoxication manslaughter is killing a person while driving some type of motor vehicle and under the influence of alcohol. This means that you are drunk driving and you get into an accident. You kill a person in that accident and you will be charged with Intoxication Manslaughter.

A normal DWI may only make your stay in jail for up to 1 year depending on how many previous DWI’s you have had before this one. If you are arrested and charged with Intoxication manslaughter you will have a drastically increased punishment. You killed a person in an accident and the court system will not take this action very lightly. If you are legally drunk when they test your BAC level, you will most likely be charged with multiple charges. One will be a DWI and another will be the intoxication manslaughter.

The fine that you will most likely receive will be anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000. The confinement that you will receive will be anywhere from 2 to 10 years in a penitentiary. The judge will also probably give you some type of community service to repay your debt to society.

Drug Charge Cases

If you are involved in an arrest for possession of any type of drug, there are numerous different types of consequences that you could end up with depending on the type of drug. Your punishment can also vary depending on how much of the drug you had on your body at the time you were arrested. The sentences for any type of possession of a drug can be anywhere from 2 years to 6 years in a state facility. Drugs are normally classified into three different categories. Class A drugs can include many different varieties of drugs like Cocaine, Crack, and mushrooms. There are also other kinds of drugs that fall into the Class A category as well. This category of drugs tends to be harder drugs and as a result, will have more severe consequences than the other two classes of drugs. Being arrested for having any of this class of drugs in your possession can leave you with a lengthy sentence. Your punishment could be up to seven years in prison. If you are charged with selling any drugs in the Class A category, you could be given a sentence up to life in prison depending on how the judge feels about your case. Being arrested for any case such as this will require a good jail release lawyer to take care of your case.

The Class B category is usually drugs such as Amphetamines and Ritalin. This category of drugs isn’t usually as addictive as the first class which means that their punishments are less than the Class A drugs. The sentence for possession of Class B drugs will usually be anything up to 5 years in a state jail or prison. Selling any type of Class B drug will most likely be given up to 14 years in a state facility.

The Class C category drugs are drugs such as tranquilizers, some types of painkillers, and Ketamine. This category of drugs is the least addictive of all of the different categories. Sentences for having these drugs on you can be up to 2 years in a state facility. Selling any of this category drugs will be sentenced with up to 14 years in a state facility.

Public Intoxication

If you are ever arrested for public intoxication (PI), you will need an Austin jail release lawyer in order to help you with your case. You must understand all the details of your case in order to discuss them with your Austin jail release lawyer.

Public intoxication is defined as a person being under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the point that their perception is being affected. This means that a person has ingested a substance which is affecting their ability to make intelligent decisions.

When a person is arrested for a PI, the police will usually hold the person in jail for up to 6 hours. The police will hold the person because they want him or her to sober up from whatever substance they might have ingested. After the person is arrested, they will send him or her through the booking process where they will take fingerprints, mug shots, and personal information.

If another adult will take responsibility for the suspect, the police can give out a citation and release him or her into the other adult’s care. This means that the third party agrees to take care of the intoxicated person until he or she is sober enough to make responsible decisions for him/hers

Forgotten Traffic Tickets: Jail Time Penalties

If you are driving down the road and pulled over for speeding, the officer of that county will give you a ticket and all the information required to take care of the ticket. Normally, you have a little less than two weeks to have your paperwork in the mail on its way to the courthouse. If you don’t have your paperwork in the mail or appear at the courthouse within the specified amount of time, a warrant will automatically be issued for your arrest.

Forgotten traffic tickets can be a huge hassle if you don’t have an experienced Austin jail release lawyer to take care of your case. You should also make sure that you are well informed of what will occur once you are arrested and taken to jail for your forgotten traffic tickets.

Most traffic citations are considered to be insignificant offenses that will eventually get taken care of. The problem simply is that if you don’t get your paperwork in or appear in court on time, you could be arrested and put in jail as punishment. If you have forgotten a traffic citation, the court will automatically put out a national warrant for your arrest. This means that your warrant information will be in every law enforcement computer system in the US. Once you are arrested, the fines that you will be required to pay to the court will almost double because you failed to appear in court and take care of the problem from the beginning.

Hit and Run

If you have been involved in a car accident, you might be wondering exactly what is defined as a hit and run. A hit and run can be a serious crime if you don’t take the time to go and turn yourself in. A hit and run is defined as using your vehicle to hit a person, property, or a fixed object and leaving the scene of the crime. This means that you hit someone or someone’s property and then you immediately drive away and don’t make an official report to the police that someone or their property was damaged.

A hit and run can be a serious crime and needs to be taken care of immediately; otherwise, there can be severe consequences for not reporting the crime. If someone finds out that you were involved in a hit and run and they report you, you will be arrested and taken to jail by the police. Once you are in jail, you will need to find a jail release lawyer in Austin to help get you out of jail as soon as possible. You will be assigned a trial date that is mandatory and its in your best interest to attend this hearing.

If you are found guilty of a hit and run, it’s classified as a felony. You will be given up to $5000 fine and up to 5 years in a state correctional facility. Depending on your lawyer and how lenient the judge is will determine just severe a punishment you will receive from the court.