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Houston Bail Bonds for DWI

Houston Bail bonds are issued to a person who is a criminal defendant. In order for bail to be set and determined, the individual will need to have an arraignment, and understanding how that works is critical. During this procedure, the judge will determine if and how much will be set. In some cases, individuals will be released on reconnaissance yet in other cases, where charges are very serious, they will be remanded. If it is to be issued, bail bonds can be purchased through Federal, immigration, or commercial bail bonding companies.

Bonds are distributed to people in need through a variety of methods. A bondsman will be used in many cases. These individuals, or bondsmen, will work to have their defendant released as soon as possible. They will charge a 10% fee to use their services. If a judge sets bail at $5000 for an individual, bondsmen will post the bail once the defendant and the bondsman reach an agreement.

In most cases, the bail bonds company has a working relationship with the court system and will provide them with blanket coverage. Instead of exchanging property or cash for each defendant who works with them, they are released with the understanding that the company will pay if they fail to appear in court.

Individuals who require a large amount of bail can seek the assistance of a bail bondsman. For example, if a criminal defendant’s bond is set at $100,000, the defendant must pay $10,000 in bail, which is 10% of the bond amount and the fee charged. Because this fee is not refundable, the individual could use the $10,000 to secure a mortgage on their home if they did not have the funds.

Individuals in need of funds quickly can and should seek the assistance of these individuals and bail bond companies listed below:

ABC Bail Bonds

ABC Bail Bonds, the fastest and oldest bail bonding agency in Houston, has been the most trusted company since 1950. Bonds can be processed via fax and will be posted within 15 minutes or less. No matter what time of the day or night, their expert bondsmen are standing by; ready to help you. ABC Bail Bonds are proud of its unsurpassed history of servicing the bonding needs of Houston and Harris County. As an experienced full-service bail bonding company, ABC Bail Bonds is fast, friendly, and reliable. Visit or call 713-222-6222 for more information.

H-Town Bail Bonds

True to the company’s motto, H-Town Bail Bonds has been providing bail bond services while maintaining an affordable rate. Owned by a former United States Marine and police officer who personally trained their agents, the company can expedite your bond whether you are in Pasadena, Houston, Baytown, or any other city in Harris County. Visit their website or call 1-888-694-8696 for more information.

Capitol Bail Bonds

Capitol Bail Bonds’ objective is to get your life back to normal with little hassle or stress as possible by giving their clients fast and reliable bail bonding services; all at the lowest rates permitted by law. The company accepts bonds by phone, no co-signer or nonarrest, traffic bonds and prevents transfer to Harris County Jail. Also, the company accepts checks and Western Union as a payment option. Visit their website or call 713-228-100 for more information.

A Better Bail Bonds

A Better Bail Bonds is equipped to post bonds throughout the United States. The company’s goal is to educate clients about surviving in the judicial system. At first, the company started in Northern Houston serving clients from all over the greater Houston area. The company’s primary service area is Houston, Texas, and capable of solving bonding problems whether your open warrant is with the City of Houston, Harris County, or any presiding precincts in the Houston area. Find out how A Better Bail Bonds can help you, by visiting their website or by calling 713-635-8400.

A-Way-Out Bail Bonds

A-Way Out Bail Bonds’ goal and mission are to provide each and every customer who contacts their offices with the most courteous and professional experience possible without exception. The company’s licensed agents can assist you with domestic violence bonds, bonds for all traffic ticket warrants, and bonds for any open warrants on misdemeanor or felony. A Way Out Bail Bonds specializes in large bonds and handles thousands of cases. Services are offered at the lowest rates allowed by law. It’s a fast, reliable, and confidential service with easy payment plans and mobile service. For more information call 713-223-9900 or visit their website

DWI Charges

If you or someone you’re helping has been charged with a DWI in Houston, be sure to get in touch with a qualified Houston DWI attorney.  They will help you through the process.

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