Bail Bonds Austin

When someone has been arrested for a crime, they start their journey through the legal system and bail is one of the most important and somewhat misunderstood aspects of that process.

Bail is essentially a promise that in exchange for a fee, you will be released and agree to appear future court proceedings. The history of the bail process dates back to the early days of the United States where bail eligible crimes were defined by the Judiciary Act. Some crimes are not bail eligible or if a person has a history of offenses and is seen as a danger to the community, their bail could be denied.

If you fail to appear at a court date, you are seen as “jumping bail” and a warrant for you arrest is usually issued and you might even find yourself of a show like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Austin Bail Bonds

At Austin Bail Bonds, their friendly and experienced agents are well-prepared and ready to explain the process involved in bail. The company has been helping people since 2000. By walking their clients through the entire process, they will never feel lost or helpless in legal system. The company takes care of the financial arrangements and paperwork of their clients. There are instances where the company can customize payment terms for their clients. Austin Bail Bonds offers quick jail release and any size of bond with low release fee. To learn more about their services, contact 512-320-0800 or visit their website

Kwik Bail Bonds

Kwik Bail Bonds understands how their clients are going through; hence, they provide fast bond services throughout Travis County. Their agents are professional, knowledgeable and respectful towards their clients. The company is determined to provide effective results and precise advice to people needing their help. For more information about the company, call 512-472-5945 or visit their website

ATX Bail Bonds

ATX Bail Bonds, an Austin based company, is a team of licensed and professional bail bondsmen committed in helping clients obtain a jail release. The company understands how their clients are going through; thus, their bondsmen are quick to respond to a client’s need. To avoid the embarrassment of being handcuffed and taken to jail, get a walk-through service where their representative will accompany the defendant to the bonding desk at the jail and assist in posting the bond. For more information about the company, call 512-834-2245 or visit their website

Bail Bonds Express

Bail Bonds Express has been helping clients by giving a courteous service, prompt and quick jail release in Travis County. With their knowledge in the judicial system and years of experience in handling bail bonds cases, they understand how their clients are going through and respond accordingly. The company provides same day- jail release, bond forfeitures or warrants, warrant walk-through, misdemeanors or felony and surety bonds or cash bonds. For more information on how the company can assist you, contact 512-320-0928 or visit their website

A 24-7 Bail Bonds

As one of the most professional bail bonding company in Travis County, A 24-7 Bail Bonds upholds to its commitment by providing the best customer service to their clients. To make sure that clients are satisfied with the service, the company treats them with respect, gives support and necessary information on the situation. The company has been helping people get out of jail as quick as possible. For more information about the company, visit their website or call 512-291-5500.

Jails in Travis County

Travis County Jail (also known as the “Central” jail)
509 W. 11th St.
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (512) 854-9033
Fax: (512) 854-9035

Travis County Correctional Complex
3614 Bill Price Rd.,
Del Valle, TX 78617
Phone: (512) 854-4180
Fax: (512) 854-4191

Bail Bond Tips

CAUTION –  While most bail agencies are honest and fair with the public, some are not. A little patience and a little research will go a long way in protecting yourself and your family by following a few simple bail bond tips and to become acquainted with the bail bonds process in Colorado.

1. Deal only with a licensed bail agent. Ask to see the bail agent’s license and identification prior to any bail transaction. You can check the Texas Division of Insurance website to verify license and while you’re at it check for violations/complaints.

2. The bail agent should charge you only legal rates. The premium charged for a bail bond in Colorado is normally 15% of the full bail amount. Any additional charges should be itemized and explained to your satisfaction.

3. Get itemized receipts for all charges.

4. Make sure you receive copies of all signed contracts and agreements.

5. If financing is provided, make sure you understand the terms of the financing agreement prior to signing, and be sure you are given copies of anything you sign. Not adhering to the financing agreement may result in the bond being revoked.

6. Make sure the bail agent you contract with will be available to you after the bail bond has been posted. Part of what you pay for is service. Any professional bail agent will be available for questions or concerns throughout the entire process.

7. Keep all paperwork you receive in a safe place that you can remember. A court case can take a long time to resolve, sometimes for several years. If you need to retrieve collateral or have questions you’ll want to remember the bail bondsman you dealt with.